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Liam Argyle is back… and he’ll stop at nothing to bring down the evil corporation that made him the world’s biggest reality show star. No, really, he means it this time!

Book two of The General Buzz book series, The Rude Eye of Rebellion picks up one and a half years after the events of Always Greener, when Liam’s conscious finally returns, bringing his spine with it.

SPOILER ALERT: It does not go well.


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As a special “thank you” to everyone who buys Rude Eye in hard cover, author J.R.H. Lawless is offering to send you an autographed postcard with a personalized limerick using any three words of your choice.

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Haven’t Read Always Greener yet?

You don’t have to read Always Greener to understand and enjoy its sequel, The Rude Eye of Rebellion, but why not start at the beginning?

Especially when the ebook is only 99 cents for a limited time!