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What the critics are saying about the sci-fi satire Always Greener:

Foreword Reviews:

“The story’s absurdity and darkness increase in tandem. Unflinching barbs and preposterous situations build and etymological footnotes offer snarky commentary on the proceedings. […] Both a sharp rebuke of where humanity is and a dire warning about where we may be headed, Always Greener is a stinging science fiction satire that takes the downsides of modern living to their hilarious and horrifying conclusion.”

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Kirkus Reviews:

“Lawless’ clever novel reflects the present day’s digital media voyeurism and Survivor/Big Brother exploitation… with an ultimately dark outlook on the amoral peddling of schadenfreude. […] A cultured, witty, and very British attack on vapid reality TV values, set in an empty-souled tomorrow.”

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James Dashner, author of THE MAZE RUNNER:

“An absolute joy to read. As clever as it is hilarious, as profound as it is captivating. I fell in love with the characters, the technology of the world, the absurdist notions of its society… Best of all, the ending is about as perfect an ending as I’ve ever read. If you want something that’s kind of like the intrigue of The Hunger Games mixed with the humor of The Martian, this book is for you. Highly recommended!”