Always Greener

Uproar Books will launch the satirical science-fiction novel Always Greener by J.R.H. Lawless in February 2020.

In the not-too-distant future when ocular implants allow reality television to be beamed straight into—and out of—the human eye, the competition for world’s worst life is about to begin. How far would you go to prove to the rest of humanity just how bad you’ve got it?

Completely ridiculous and entirely plausible, Always Greener follows the competition’s ever-smiling host, an equally hopeful and hapless former weatherman, as he attempts to elevate the show and ring meaning out of his own unhappy existence.

“Insightful and hilarious, Always Greener will leave you laughing and shaking your head at the same time,” said Uproar Books publisher Rick Lewis. “If you can imagine Douglas Adams writing for BLACK MIRROR, you’ll understand exactly why we’re so excited to work with Mr. Lawless and showcase his talents to the world.”

“Life is absurd, so how else are you suppose to capture it accurately as an author other than to make fun of it?” said Lawless. “Uproar Books has been a tremendous partner already as I’ve fine-tuned and finalized the manuscript, and I’m thrilled to have them leading the charge as my publisher when Always Greener hits the market this fall.”

Always Greener is the third novel from Uproar Books, LLC, a new publisher of science fiction and epic fantasy novels based in Nashville, Tenn.