The General Buzz Series

Books one and two of The General Buzz series are available now in print and ebook!

Liam Argyle is the hapless host of the demented reality show competition “The Grass is Greener,” where life’s biggest victims compete for the title of world’s worst life.

In book one (Always Greener), Liam struggles behind the scenes to bring some sense of purpose or meaning to his shameless reality show.

In book two (The Rude Eye of Rebellion), he vows to bring the entire dystopian corporate world state of the 2070s crashing down around his own ears.


“An absolute joy to read. As clever as it is hilarious, as profound as it is captivating,” says James Dashner, Author of The Maze Runner.

“A cultured, witty, and very British attack on vapid reality TV values, set in an empty-souled tomorrow,” says Kirkus Reviews.

“A stinging science fiction satire that takes the downsides of modern living to their hilarious and horrifying conclusion,” says Foreword Reviews.